Recent graduate, academically placed in the top 1% of all RIT students, degree in Electrical Engineering.

Avon, NY
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This user joined on 12/10/2016.

Things I've Built

Plex + Ambilight with Hyperion

Hyperion server and Plex Client on Raspberry Pi

ASEE Robotics Competition - Fish Derby

Autonomously collected and deposited wooden fish cutouts into corresponding bins

ASEE Robotics Competition - Indy 500

Designed to autonomously navigate a scaled version of the Indianapolis 500 track with obstacles

McLaren F1 Car

One of my first robots; Designed in Solidworks, 3D printed shell, and programmed to line-follow using Arduino.


Custom quadcopter build

The Wilmake

An all encompassing 3D printer, scanner, laser engraver, and CNC milling machine.


An interfacing device for virtual reality (VR) systems providing partial body immersion. The goal of this project is to provide kinesthetic feedback to the user's arm by manipulating it in response to virtual interactions.

A Ttiny Swarm

Take control of your own robot swarm! Featuring a modular shield design to transform the capabilities of each robot!

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