PhD student studying microbial ecology. I also like making music and building things with Arduino.

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This user joined on 11/26/2021.

Things I've Built

Arduino MIDI Mouse Controller

Turn an old "roller ball" mouse into a MIDI controller that can unlock new ways of making digital music.

Contamination Alarm for Pipette Tip Box

Add an alarm to a pipette tip box to warn you when you have left your pipette tips uncovered.

Arduino WiFi iNaturalist Display

Link an Arduino Uno Wifi Rev 2 with the API to stay updated about the species being observed in your area.

Lichess Link

Link an Arduino Uno with WiFi to the API to play online chess the old fashioned way.

LCD Poetry Clock

A 20 x 4 RGB LCD clock that can display over 500 poems using Arduino and an SD card reader.

LED Matrix Metronome

Combine Arduino, an 8 x 8 bicolour LED matrix and a piezo buzzer to make a cool visual metronome.

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