Andrew Mitz

Electrical engineer and brain scientist. Interested in making devices for ham radio, disabilities and scientific research.

Near Washington, DC
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This user joined on 07/25/2019.

Things I've Built

3 to 30 volt boost converter for tube radio

This circuit was used to run a 2-tube super-regen FM radio from two 1.5 volt batteries.

Converter for pre-war FM radios

Prior to WWII FM radios were on a 45 Mc band. After WWII the FM radio band was moved to the present-day 88-108 MHz. The converter allows you to listen to modern FM radio on a pre-war set.


Video jukebox player for persons with disabilities (motor or cognitive). Operates from one adaptive switch, wired or wireless. Intuitive: requires no training. Built as a turn-key Raspberry Pi. Videos stored on thumb drives.

Vibration detector

Compact vibration detector. Auto-zeros in any position. Sets gain to maximum, then provides a single analog output reflecting the magnitude of movement along the axis of movement. Runs on Arduino Trinket with a ADXL345 accelerometer.

SuperPacker HF amplifier

5 W to 100 W HF amplifier. Published in QST.

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Andrew Mitz wrote 07/25/2019 at 16:55 point

The sign-up process stinks. After spending the time to list past projects, with photographs and descriptions, it was all discarded because the user name I selected had a space in it. My fault or poor usability? You decide.  Add "usability" to my list of interests. 

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