Leonardo Janus

Indipendent researcher.
Devoted to green electrochemistry, energy storage, energy from renewable resources, pollution reduction

Conegliano - ITALY
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This user joined on 08/08/2015.

Things I've Built


Electric energy form a simple-to-build cell that harvest thermal energy from ambient heat. Made coupling n-p intrinsic semiconductors with two different potential metals.

Photorechargeable pseudocapacitors

Make and store energy in a single unit hybrid pseudocapacive/solar cell. Couple low bandgap semiconductors to redox electrodes.

Rechargeable hybrids metal air batteries/supercapacitors

High energy density rechargeable batteries that use air as cathode and with EDLC hybrid configuration to add high power pulse to metal air batteries.

Dual carbon batteries

Simple hybrid cell battery/supercapacitor that use two modified graphite felts as electrodes. They can work with electrolytes that contain a metal salts where anions and cations can be intercalated in to graphite (like calcium and bromide exam)

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