I usually take things apart, put them back together the wrong way, and end up accidentally creating something cool.

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XAQ wrote 08/09/2015 at 09:10 point

Totally a shot in the dark idea, but maybe, even if theres a super simple idea that already is being used in place of this one, this idea could lead to the creation of another idea...

Is there a way to convert the glucose produced in plants through photosynthesis, into something usable? For instance, an adhesive. If you could use any living plant, such as a blade of grass or a tree leaf, as a supply resource, for said adhesive, you could take it a step further. You could possibly create a small scale/nano converter that performs this process. This converter could then be made portable and used in a perfect world where solar energy could be used as its power supply. 

Let's say you do exactly that somehow. Now you have your tiny portable converter, as well as your resource supply anywhere that has vegetation and sunlight. You would now probably want to put it all together and create a conventional tool. So you get to work and manage to create this magical item.

Maybe your finished product is no larger than a standard hot glue gun, and thanks to your nifty solar powered converter, you never have to worry about plugging the thing in. Time to get to work in real-world applications, where you may need to do some field stitching of a wound, because you found out that your adhesive is clean and safe to use on your body. 

Or maybe you are doing some white water rafting and things go south when your raft has sprung a leaf and you're miles away from civilization. No biggie, you just get to the shore, fill up your tool with some shrubbery, and patch the hole in your raft. 

Maybe your working a job outdoors where running out of duct tape is not an option. That's ok because with your cool little tool, you just rip up some grass and continue patching, securing, or repairing whatever it was that you ran out of tape while doing. 

This would all be great in MOST situations, especially with the wealth of fuel and supply surrounding you... except for instances like the medic, who would need the tool to work fast. 
So you go back and modify the tool to power up and start converting within minutes, or even seconds. This would not only be a convenience, but also an added benefit.

Imagine if this could be made at a low cost, and then sold for practically nothing. The profits could be used to cover manufacturing and research costs. The tool could be donated throughout the world and be used by pretty much anyone. From third world countries, to tribes in the amazon, this efficient means of securing, patching, sealing, storing, etc., could help to improve the lives of many. It could be used in emergency situations by first responders, or in practical applications throughout various production industries. All of the possibilities that this device contains could be implanted wherever a person goes, thanks to it's portable, handheld functions.

Please feel free to input any feedback, whether negative or positive. Like I mentioned earlier, even if i'm completely overlooking a current alternative solution, hopefully this idea will help generate other ideas. 

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