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Things I've Built

D&D Tabletop Device

Not so much a past project but a teaser for an upcoming one. As the project becomes fleshed out, I'll post what I can for Hackaday. Due to it being a potential product for market, I won't be able to show everything.

Small parts inventory assistance app

Coded in java, stores the location of small parts groups as well as other relevant data. Can use a string to generate a functional barcode via an incorporated external library. Updates in progress

Raspberry Pi Wall Calander

As it says, It boot up, logs on to my google account and displays my calendar immediately upon power up. It was later modified to be used in lab for our trello. Basic stuff but fun. Future versions likely to be adapted for unraid server.

Repurposing old parts as an aquarium filter

A fail overall, it used some spare tubing and activated charcoal in what was originally an oxygen humidifier. That part worked fine but the small diameter of the tubing made the pump eventually give out. Was also too noisy for fish

Console.Beep Music

Circa 2007-8 ish. A Visual Basic program that uses console.beep to play music. Nothing special, just a few irish folk tunes, but it demonstrated the premise.

Metal Flowers

Non-tech based but still worthy of mention. Goal was to take an origami pattern and modify it to be usable on aluminum foil which doesn't tolerate repeated bends well.

Electric Pipe Organ Repair

Purchased a run down Conn Pipe Organ for 20 bucks, and repaired the circuitry. Even the original Leslie is working again. Likely getting rid of soon due to lack of space and bad wood damage on one side, but it was still fun.

Analog TV Audio Line Display

Nothing Special, Just took apart an old black and white Radio TV, and hijacked the coils to create a display. Installed a three way switch to switch between modes of display

Analyzing Tuvan throat singing via spectrographic images

Nothing novel, taught myself Tuvan throat singing over the course of 10 years or so, practicing when driving alone. Decided to analyze the frequency spread of each technique using myself and various others as source data. Just for fun

Java resonance Calculator

Got the idea from my old popcorn tube flute project and ending up using it as a final project for java 110. Grabs base info from user then generates an entire new musical scale with notes and resonant lengths from said input.

Popcorn Tube Bass Flute

Bass flute made from a tube of popcorn kernels. Tone was actually very good and if I remember right I tuned it to a minor 7th or some other truncated jazzy scale. Notes were calculated using the formula of resonance within a tube

Refurbishing old Gamer headphones

This picture is very ugly, but the core of this was taking a bunch of old parts and cobbling them into functional gamer headphones. It worked, The current set has 3d printed armatures and is much better looking but this is where it started

Plasma Arc Speaker

One of my first projects, I jumped in head first and really had no idea what I was doing at the time but it helped spark my interest so to speak.

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