• { UPDATED April 7 } ​Suggestion for Covid-19 related product

    04/03/2020 at 20:35 9 comments

    Body-worn temperature monitor. Very quick 'time to market'

    Provides an ALERT if body temperature increases in a way consistent to a virus infection.  Small size.  Very low power, runs for weeks without charge. Doesn't need wireless connectivity. 

    Often a person doesn't realise they're running a temperature, mistakenly thinking it's a warm day or something. The quicker realise this earlier the better, obviously.    

    Another application for this idea is a body-worn Fertility Predictor device for couples who wish to increase chances of conception. Body temperature too increases during ovulation. Of course this variation of project could have SMS alert sending etc. 

    Expected components (quick concept model)

    These are the expected components utilising readily available parts: Door Alarm, Thermometer, a Microcontroller and a bit of Velcro.

    Target Design. Build with bare components using custom packaging