I build therefore I am.....Or some such.

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David H Haffner Sr wrote 40 minutes ago point

Thank you so much for the like :) I appreciate that!

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Hacker404 wrote 03/21/2017 at 00:33 point

Hi, I'd like to ask a question about your work. 

I notice that some of your CNCs have quite complex kinematics. I am (trying) to build an unusual machine that also has complex kinematics here -

I am wondering how your doing the kinematics. I see one project seems to be running on a Arduino Uno and others seem to have custom hardware. 

Do you have a software platform or abstraction that you work with? 

I tried to use an Aduino MEGA (8-bitter) but I am too rusty with my geometry math to break it all down to integer math for an 8-nitter. Now I am thinking of using a STM32 or something like that.

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castvee8 wrote 03/21/2017 at 22:40 point

Oh that's an easy question. Its all trial and error. I have been running machines and building things for 40 plus years and that gives me pretty good instinct about mass ,motion,feeds and speeds. Most everything is done in small baby steps instead of a bunch of large equations. In the end it is mostly trial and error. The drivers and firmware is where the critical magic happens, and I build my own drivers.

I do use Arduino here and there but also PIC and others. Whatever I have on hand. 

No particular software program I use is really off the shelf. I improvise most of it.

You will also note I use all linear drives......that delta stuff is nightmarish(at least to me)

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esot.eric wrote 03/22/2017 at 01:22 point

Interesting thought-points from this... Say you had an arm with two joints (one at the base and one elbow) and want to move the "hand" between two points... you don't necessarily have to calculate the angles of each motor along that path, one could just apply a little power to both motors (in the general direction), then measure the displacement, and if it's too far in one direction, relative to the other, slow that motor a bit, then repeat. Pretty simple loop with basically no inverse-geometry necessary. Hmmm! (Is that Euler's method?)

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Hacker404 wrote 03/22/2017 at 01:43 point

Thanks for the reply. 

It now sounds like my best approach will be to start with a 32-bitter, probably an Arduino Due because I am already using a RAMPS board, and then work my way back to an 8-bitter when I have nutted out all the other problems. I will see if I can solve the problem with RAMPS being 5Volts and the Due being 3.3 Volts or just build something with a 5Volt 32 bitter in a MEGA form factor.

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Craig Hissett wrote 04/18/2016 at 18:15 point

Thanks for another like Mark!

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Jan Zumwalt wrote 04/18/2016 at 02:56 point

Thank you for your interest in the engine monitor project.

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Roman wrote 04/18/2016 at 01:22 point

Thanks for the skull. Cool projects.

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esot.eric wrote 06/12/2015 at 08:29 point

LOL, our locations are quite similar. What's this "paranoia" thing I missed-out-on?

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castvee8 wrote 06/12/2015 at 12:14 point

I wrote (as a joke) on my profile that when I see people are" following" me it sort of makes me paranoid.....Of course I also wrote when I see a skull it means death, and one with a wrench through it means it was a homicide. I quickly changed the stuff......

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esot.eric wrote 03/22/2017 at 01:27 point

Maybe if we delete this conversation, they'll bring our skulls back. I've done my part ;)

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castvee8 wrote 05/28/2015 at 01:27 point

I actually wondered if anyone really read that stuff! I guess they do! I changed that top speed!

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Alex Rich wrote 05/28/2015 at 01:11 point

Thanks for the skull / follow - I would skull/follow your fuel tank but don't want to induce any paranoia!

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