Dylan C.

14 Years old | Whiskey Pirates | Programming/Coding | DEFCON
Crypto and Privacy | Hacker

Houston, Texas
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Things I've Built

Arduino Virtual Ruler

Nothing too crazy, Just a cool virtual ruler to have fun with, Using an Arduino, LCD, and a sensor, with a little wiring on a breadboard!

Space Invader badge

A work in progress... A space invader DEFCON 25 indie badge to celebrate the 25th anniversary and Retro-Futuristic theme. It is being built using Arduino programming

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Lutetium wrote 15 hours ago point

HI Dylan and thanks for the follow!

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Mark Nesselhaus wrote 4 days ago point

Good morning Dylan and thanks for the follow and like for my Cardboard Computer project :-)

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Hari Wiguna wrote 08/20/2016 at 11:59 point

Hi Dylan! Thanks for following one of my projects on!

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