Alan Felt

I'm an electrical engineering student with a love of electronics, programing, mechatronics, and more!

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This user joined on 08/17/2014.

Things I've Built

Puzzle Cylinder

This is a custom designed (by me) puzzle. I machined the inner locking mechanism myself but the outer shell had to be 3D printed due to its difficult to machine geometry. Ball bearings hold the puzzle together (not shown)

BYU Mars Rover

Our team at BYU is designing and building a rover for the University Rover Challenge held in June. I am over the power distribution board and battery as well as PCB design/ verification and some kinematics programming.

4 DOF Parallel Linkage Robot Arm

The 3D printed model was found on Thingiverse and assembled by myself. I implemented my own control code and forward/ inverse kinematics using the arm geometry. Control is implemented with MATLAB over serial to an Arduino running GRBL.

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