Jan Neumann

Software developer by profession, self-taught electronics tinkerer as everything else. Trying to build something meaningful.

Berlin / Bremen / Lübeck, Germany
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This user joined on 09/06/2022.

Things I've Built

LoRaWAN GPS bike tracker

A LoRaWAN GPS Bike tracker connected to The Things Network and embedded into a rear light. Battery powered and charged via the dynamo.

Apple accelerator 2000

A device to accelerate apples to 150km/h using propane/butane mix. For scientific purposes only. (Somehow my video on YouTube got blocked... oops)

CNC backpack strap camera mount

A camera mount that connects to your backpack strap. CNC machined from 8083 and POM.

Worst digital mirror

A digital mirror with 30x30 pixels in 256 shades of red.

GoPro camera dive case

Building a dive case for my GoPro. Just for the engineering challenge. CNC machined on my DIY CNC from PE.

2WD robot test platform

Indoor robot test platform for ROS. All sensors and actuators are connected via Ethernet. The main computer is an intel NUC.

Force feedback servo motor

Adding force/position feedback to a standard model servo motor using the position-pin of the internal potentiometer.

Solid state anemometer

An anemometer with no moving parts using three load cells in a triangular configuration and a tubular wind vane.

4WD outdoor robot platform

A 4WD robot platform for testing motor drivers and a closed loop system.

Superheated steam rocket engine

A superheated steam rocket engine and test stand. Using a heated high-pressure container and water as a propulsion system. Thrust logging with load cell and Arduino.

Real time power logging for PV system

A real time power logger for a PV system connected to a web API to monitor power production and consumption in real time. Based on ESP8266 + web API.

GSM GPS tracker for object tracking

A GSM / GPS tracker for object tracking. Based on Arduino and SIM800L.

Birdbox webcam

I installed an ESP32 camera inside a birdbox and connected it to a web API. The site shows pictures of the box every 10s (only when a considerable change happened).

CNC milling machine

Building a CNC milling machine for aluminum and softer materials. GRBL controller, Arduino, CNCjs and plywood frame.

Water depth mapping

Building a 3D water depth map of a river with Arduino, an echo finder and some Python code.

3D WiFi visualisation

Visualisation of the propagation of a WiFi signal in 3D space. Done using Ethersweep controllers, a 3D printer frame and an ESP32.

Laser range finder with cheap optical flow camera and Arduino

This project is a laser rangefinder that uses triangulation from an optical flow sensor and a pulse encoded line laser to create a 2D image.

Laser CNC for PCB manufacturing

A machine to expose PCB traces on a PCB. Built from CD drives and a 405 nm laser. Code in Arduino and Processing.

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mihai.cuciuc wrote 02/24/2023 at 14:31 point

Hi, Jan! Thanks for your interest in #Squeak: GPS pet tracker!

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peter wiessenthaner wrote 10/27/2022 at 10:11 point

Hallo Jan,

finde die Kontrolle für die Stepper gut. Das gefällt mir.



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Jan Neumann wrote 10/27/2022 at 10:18 point

Danke Peter!

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