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Things I've Built


This is a handheld game I built based off a 2 player pen and paper game I learned from another teacher.

Osaka Makers' Space

Oh yeah... I built a makerspace. Meaning built walls and added electricity to them and painting and .. everything.

Cube Copter

A marginally successful first attempt at a quadcopter. This isn't so much hacking as a little design then plugging things together. Still, I learned a lot while doing it. You can find it on Thingiverse.

A Simple Toy Car for Teaching Electronics

I run a MeetUp and I designed this simple toy car to be cheap and easy to build while teaching all the basics of electronics and microcontrollers.

RFID Auto-lock for Apartment Door

I built an auto-lock so I would not forget to lock my door as I rushed off to work. I threw on an RFID reader for good measure.

Dual pulse spot welder

SSR and Arduino based dual pulse spot welder from an upcycled MOT. Can find my write up on

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