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Charles Harris wrote 02/10/2021 at 00:38 point

Hi Jack      Tried a day or 2 back to contact you.  Not sure what I had but it could have been a chat session.  Will try this method to get you a message.  Mr. Google came up with your name for TMS1000 . Would love to be able to dump rom from a TMS1000NLP electronically wise (not decap). Was apparently done in the UK many moons ago. Mine is in a model train controller called the Hornby Zero1 from the late 1970s. YOu may or may not have heard about it. TMS1000 specs say that the 'test mode' can be used to access rom. Do you know of any such procedure. Lot of work done in US by several people but they were not able to get all the bits and they work on decaps now. No hurry. Can get me on swchuck at gmail dot com Thankyou

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