• The Human Factor

    11/17/2019 at 02:59 0 comments

            Since I want to dive into the world of robots and animatronics as I'm exploring the realm of the movie industry and special effects engineering I just want to make one claim to fame. I know that I watch way too many movies but in the whole Terminator movie robot apocalypse thought experiment there is this one small detail, and I dub it The Human Factor. There will always be paranoid scientists or engineers or an army of them at there laptops, supercomputers, and desktops with the analog or digital kill switch or the magic red button that will end a robots life if it goes rogue. You need humans to make robots, and all of this banter about the world going to shit over the fact that somebody's toaster or microwave got electrocuted by the All Spark and started to learn how to make decisions on it's own and found the stash of knives in the kitchen drawer and went all postal on the family is bonkers.

             Now granted I spend too much time on the Internet but for crying out loud would someone please kill the chatter and stop the presses about a global robot genocide because truthfully there will not be that one guy making Skynet. Skynet is bullshit. It's a myth. I know I'm going to curl some toes here but it's a illusion, a fantasy to suite your fancy. It's called science fiction for a reason.

            I'm more concerned with this idea however of a hacker controlling a driverless car or a chip inserted in the brain that supposedly would cure all diseases. There needs to be something done about the security of the Internet of Things because everything is being digitized nowadays. I for one like the idea of tall skyscrapers with flying cars in a Blade Runner world like environment but to me the biggest problem is the hacker mentality that we have you at our fingertips so give me give me give me your name no longer is Jimmy. I would rather see someone step in and give computers and tech some type of firewall where we are impervious to attacks except if the government wants to see why are buying 6 million gallons of Bleach and Ammonia. Now granted, I'm a dreamer, but the real human factor here is sitting at a computer right now reading this. It's up to us to figure out a way to make ourselves impervious to attacks, robot or cyber. So in essence the power is in our hands to have the control to say no to the flights of fancy that says that we are outdone by technology, but instead what you do is that you jump in your homemade Iron Man Suite and glide to your next destination. The robots yes are coming but if we are to believe the lies then we might as well pretend we are all Tony Stark at some level, and augment our own reality.