Diego Dabrio-Polo

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This user joined on 06/18/2017.

Things I've Built

SIT (Slit Image Test) tester, Laser Interferometer, Foucault tester

I made a polyvalent telescope mirror machine. It can perform SIT (Slit Image Test), Laser Interferometry, Foucault, Ronchi

Foucault tester

I made two Foucault testers, one for myself and another for a friend

Set of three precision spherometers

I made a set of three precision spherometers to test telescope mirrors

RC carbon fiber plane

I made a carbon fiber plane usin the molds that I made with my CNC router

RC plane molds

I made molds on my CNC router to make carbon fiber RC planes


I made a Mirror-O-Matic, a machine to make telescope mirrors

CNC Router

I designed an made a CNC router

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