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Things I've Built

Makeshift Blender with a Drill (cooking for engineers 101) :D

I was mashed potatoes with spinach a while ago and I didn't have an automated blender, however I did have one which you hand to turn by hand. Took it apart, connected my drill to it and blended some spinach. Worked perfectly.


This entry is a place holder. This is one of my higher end projects like the Game Boy XXL. It's a planetarium projector for use at home. I'm still thinking of how to do it, but I'll have to use a variety of special lenses.

Remote PC Switch via Internet

At some point I needed a VPN server but having it turned on 24/7 was overkill (and it was at my parent's place, don't want them to pay for all that electricity).

Game Boy XXL

The organizer of Nintendoom (a Belgian chiptune festival) was talking with me about how cool a giant Game Boy would be. After a year I made one which guests could play with at the festival.

Simple speaker case

I had some speaker drivers and an amplifier lying around and but didn't have speakers on my desktop. I ended up using a lasercutter to make a casing for two drivers and went with that.

Robot Alarm Clock

For my first year in university I got tasked with having to design an alarm clock and a box for it. I challenged myself and made an alarmclock robot which used the maximum processing power of an ATMega microcontroller at 16 MHz.

Useless Box Christmas Present

This is a useless box I once made for my (ex) girlfriend for Christmas, there's a microcontroller in it so that the box had a "character"

100 Watt LED Bicycle Headlight

Was working on this for a while but it's on hold now since I'm working on other things.

Aurora 1.0

A smart RGB lighting system based on an Atmega328. You can control the lights with a phone, a computer or a special remote. This was my high school thesis (apparently it was overkill according to my teachers but I still did it).

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