Arnold Martin

Artist, designer, teacher, tinkerer.

Long Beach, California
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This user joined on 08/29/2014.

Things I've Built

Pasadena: Now and Then

A series of analog, mechanical, stereoscopic image viewers for the City of Pasadena's My Town Project Installed in 2015. They offered a glimpse into the past and a visual connection to Pasadena's history.

Monument to Curiosity

Originally commissioned by the city of Pasadena and residing in Palm Desert, this playful rendering of the Curiosity Rover honors the creative thinking of the scientists and engineers who expand human horizons.

Archimedes' Goose

Part rigid frame airship, part extinct waterfowl, this creature walks majestically into the future as a testament to the power of absurdity. Commission for the City of Los Altos.

The Monster of Monterey Bay

A public sculpture commission for the City of Santa Cruz. This creature, part Plesiosaur, part giant piegon, part level luffing crane holds court at Pacific and Front street in Santa Cruz CA.

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