• Amateur engineer definition of scalar resonance

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    Scalar Resonance affords energy change-density information within the field structure which is conveyed throughout the structure superluminally** in the case of electromagnetic information.  An analog is a liquid in a container.  Changing pressure on the (non-compressable) liquid changes pressure throughout the tank, at the speed of sound.  In EM speak, the 'sonic information speed' in the aether (the continuum of the vacuum energies)  is faster than light, or 'superluminal.'

    **Historic claim by a Canadian Government broadcast technology scientist, Wilbert_Brockhouse_Smith (wiki notes)

    Wiki notes on 'Wilbert Brockhouse Smith' Canadian UFO research circa 1950-s.  Contemporary physicists in Smith's focus described EM effects explaining gravity modification with 'tensor mathematics.'   Hense 'tensor beam' was sometimes used to describe scalar resonance effects.  Today we would call it a 'string beam' <snicker>.  

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