A student studying Electrical Engineering. Vice-President of one of my college's robotics clubs. Computer salvager/hoarder.

Vermont (home) or New York (college)
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Things I've Built


No, not autonomous sensory meridian response! AMSR stands for Autonomous Maze Solving Robot. It uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect and avoid obstacles. My goal is to drop it into a maze and have it find its way out autonomously.

Robot Arm #2

This was my second attempt at creating a robot arm. This time, I decided to use servos to have greater control over the arm's movements. The robot's body is made with foam core. It is currently controlled by a serial interface.

Robot Arm #1

This started out as a pneumatic arm built for a high-school project. Flash forward a few years and it's turned into, well, whatever this is. (It's always looked this hideous, though.)

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