Robin Dorst

Im a student and maker from Germany and really enjoy working on all kinds of projects.

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This user joined on 05/24/2020.

Things I've Built

3D-printed Led Sign

I made this 3D-Printed sign for bellatec. It's powered with Ws2812b addressable led's, controlled with WLED on a wemos D1 mini.

Diplo duct direct drive for ender 3

This is the perfect fan duct for the ender 3 with optimal cooling performance and direct drive without any additional parts. I remixed the original to work with the original Ender 3 extruder.


This is my take on a deej case. Deej is an open source project that allows you to control the volume of different programs with actual sliders on your desk. Printables: 103585

Socket Holders

These are just simple holders for all sizes of sockets. Printables: 103586

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