• Vintage sunvisor car telephone with cars histories

    07/07/2021 at 21:28 0 comments

    Hi, this one of my first post and is about a car i bought a few years ago, normally i works on cars but with in the pass of the time i get involve with all the electric/electronic stuff of the cars like wiring, Electronic Control Modules, Electronic Fuel Injection, Standalone ECU´s (Speeduino is one of my favorites) and all about the electric stuff in old cars and modern cars.

    So in the 90´s Chrysler offer a special product for the luxury cars called the VisorPhone.

    the VisorPhone was a dealer-installed optional mobile phone that was embedded in the driver-side sun visor. It featured 33 buttons, a volume bar and LCD screen.

    This was one of the most coolest options back then but was expensive ASF! $900 Of the 90´s bucks.

    In 2017 i bought one of the rare Chrysler Phantom R/T 16v DOHC turbo engine for parts in $700 bucks, i get it because i was fixing a Dodge Spirit R/T with the same engine and manual transmission, this Spirit have a blown transmission and is not easy to find an A568 manual gearbox in good conditions on this days so was more easy get a complete car for parts.

    When i finish the Dodge Spirit i keep it for a few month and after that i sold it because was completed that project but i still have the Chrysler Phantom, i was going to get it to the junkyard because i don't need it more and because it has a normal 8v SOHC 2.5 turbo ll engine, so i never inspect the car and the papers until 2020 (Because quar-on-tine).

    So i start looking the car and it was zero rust, zero crashes, good one piece body one repainted over original paint and when i see the documentation of the car was a factory full equipment "all-with-extra-abocado-in-everything" and a factory Visorphone, so all this moment was a good car i was going to send to the scrapyard.

    After that i start the mission of get it running, good looking, all factory parts daily driver car even if doesn't have the original engine because was for me and it´s a good restomod i want to make.

    In my country only 80 VisorPhones was sold so this was going to be a hard to find piece of  puzzle, first i get the original Infinity stereo with the amp (im going to make another post for that), fix the burned body harness, fix the pop up headlights but i never find a VisorPhone UNTIL NOW.

    A few days ago a get a New Old stock VisorPhone in box, when i found the post i was in the no way mood for like a hour, was all 2020 and what it goes of the 2021 since a made this post i was looking for this and finally i have one and is so damn cool but now this is what i came here for the first reason.

    I love it, its a hard to find but i know there is a little big problem with all of this.

    This telephone is probably working but is a CDMA system.

    So the CDMA system is not working more because new technologies are replacing this network and there is not more companies who gives this service

    And my mission here is there is a possibility to make it run now with gsm tech? i know is not possible to change it but maeby arduino hack the $hit of it?

    I was checking the telephone module if was in good shape but is complete new

    Was made by OKI telecom in the 90's

    And why make it, because could be possible

    So this is all the old tech

    So what you think my community, could be possible? or im trying to do something crazy?