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Things I've Built

Raccoon detector

Simple device to detect if raccoons have been present. If they have the detector medium is modified. May need some refinement, generally works.

Shop mascott

Shouldn't we all have one? Knee caps, hehehe

Local datasheet search engine

pdf search engine for my local fileserver. I like to keep local copies and often have fun finding them.

BF interpreter on avr

The BF code is stored in the avrs eeprom memory, which can be flashed seperatly from the firmware that executes it. Fun project, pointless.

DIY solder pot.

oh I'm sure its too dangerous for you tho :) This thing has gone thru about 7 thermal cycles and the bulb is still ok.

current sensor shunt from pcb

current sensor shunt from pcb build log:

nifty shaft connector

this comes in really handy, easy to do. borderline as a 'project'!? cmon....

propellor for derigidagble... blimp

how to make a nice simple prop. I used the mascott in the build log.


If you build a lot of robots using scrounged parts, it helps to know how to make geraboxes. build log:

linear actuator made of hardware store stuff

copper pipe and fittings.

3 servo hexapod

so not the way to doa hexapod, but it was fun

clumbsy roaming robot

Always getting itself into trouble. This is a drive/steer type robot. it uses an onboard pc with dos and qbasic software.

wheeled platform for robotics

This little piggy went to ebay. I hope whoever has/had it had lots of fun!

serial controlled robot for tele-operation

ROV than isn't it? This WAS controllable over IRC. I couldn't get anyone to do anything usefull with it while it was online and a chap by the name of pepsi kept using exploits to wind up the control cable.

tracked development robot

This little robot was designed for testing out navigation and software ideas in general.

Lawn recovery robot

when you need more than to just maintain, when you need a bull headed robot to recover your yard. Yea, its sideways, what of it?

Lawn mowing robot

100% autonomous lawn mowing robot. Runs a motherbaord with dos + basic it still works, its about 12 years old now (lots of upgrades)

generic robot platform

I wanted to solve the worlds robot platform challanges, oh well.

coffee bot

robot designed for delivering coffee to the programmers in the office. didn't get finished :(

18 axis wireless rov hexapod

doing its dead bug impression. Currently has power distribution problems, really built as a software test platform photo blog:

Wireless computerized rov

3 seconds latency on the video feed, wifi sucks

Teathered ROV

Look ma! no latency! Teathered ROV

Cardboard gimbal

Enjoy the build log:

robot arm

'arm 4' a stepper based robot shaped after the ABB irb 1400 love that irb 1400...

absolute positioning system

ok, not finished, but another fine build. log:

crystal tester

Did you know clock crystals can die? I use a lot of scrounged parts, this is a lieel circuit for testing if a crystal is ok

Audio selector switch

I wanted electronic source selection.


Measures wind speed! never got readings from this, but it was a nice build.


Every time I ride my bike somewhere I remember why I wanted to build a trike. Have you ever tried to build an ackerman steering rig?? ITS EVIL! EVIL!!!!!


ALUMINUM CASTING! Could be handy for building a 12' mecca! This thing is made of an old furnace burner and runs on diesel. melts about 6L of aluminum from about $3 in diesel, not too bad all in all.

Solinoid servo positioner

This was a "can I?" that worked, linear position of a digital solinoid using the encoder strip of an inkjet printer and my avr firmware*. (PD loop iirc) *any of my firmware is available free on request (sigh, its not all posted yet)


I cant be the only guy in the community without one now can I?

Motor driver

A generic motor driver for shop stock to make DC servo drives, something that can take some high current bumps and grunts. PWM/direction inputs.

DC motor

Some fun playing around with building dc motors. Good way to know if building one for converting a truck to electric is feasable or not.

heat plant

Wood burning down draft gassifying 'boiler'. to save up for building a mecca, you need to cut costs on things like heating.

hoist gantry

If you want to build big, you have to have the right tools, This is part of the tool chain for building a 12' mecca.

CNC machine

Basic cnc router.

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