I'm an undergrad majoring in EE. I love science and enjoy learning through hands-on experimentation!

Massachusetts, United States
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Things I've Built

Model Rocket Launcher Controller

This project uses two 9V batteries in series to power the launching mechanism for a compressed-air rocket launcher. It also has a speaker to play an alarm sound and has a 2 safety switches.

First ever electronics project! SR Latch

This was my first (successful) electronics project which I documented. It uses 4 BJTs to make two discrete NOR gates that comprise a basic SR latch.

Maker Coin

This is my 3d-printed "maker coin" which has an S in the middle made of electronics components for my initial.

LED signs for my robotics team

This project consisted of 3 LED signs which I made for WaterFire in Providence RI on the anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Two of them consist of the same 555 circuit which turns two sets of LEDs on and off and other uses a 4017 counter IC.

LED sign for my high school GSA club

This was one of my first electronics projects, which I worked on over the summer before junior year in high school. The sign uses a group of 555 ICs which are linked in a chain, resulting in the letters and rainbow lighting up sequentially.

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