• My Ragdoll Cattery

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    Oregon Ragdolls Cattery

    I started a Ragdoll Cattery immediately after I graduated college with my longtime girlfriend Lynelle. These are the coolest cats in the world, by far! I've bred them in the past and really loved having a Ragdoll family around.

    This seemed like the way to create a personal revenue stream for myself while I designed products to sell. You could say i'm reaching for an alternative route for an engineer outside of the corporate ladder.

    And, I can't stress enough how cool these cats are. They are ultra-social, loving, and trusting creatures. But, their personality is always so varied.

    Meet Oregon Ragdoll's cattery "queen" Autumn:

    She is a very sweet and loving cat. Loves being held and going for walks. Spends most of her time following us around from room to room.
    Her coat color is rare. She is a smoke calico bi-color. 'Smoke' meaning that the black spots on her coat are muted to a grey-tone.

    *Possibly Pregnant (6/3/2017)

    Next, meet Oregon Ragdoll's cattery "king" Atom:

    Atom is an amazingly "in-your-face" loving kitten. He loves you, and he needs you to know it. Atom is also a bit hard-headed at times. ..typical boy kitten mentality.

    His coat type and colors are: seal point mitted. This is more of a traditional coat color with bright blue eyes.

    If you are interested, I would also appreciate you visiting my cattery page blog. There has been little social interaction on my website that i've worked hard to make into quality content. Leave comments. Share on social media. These things will increase my search engine rankings and make me happy.

    More pictures on the facebook page.

    Thank you!