Steve Shaffer

Crazy Hacker, crazy programmer, crazy biker, crazy life. I am a friendly outgoing engineer, feel free to reach out and chat!

Virginia, USA
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This user joined on 06/27/2014.

Things I've Built

The Treequencer

Interactive musical metal sculpture that detects your motion and converts it to sound!

World's largest Doritos vending machine

Constructed for Frito Lay (Doritos) “Bold” stage. Venue constructed for Lady Gaga performance and other artists such as Ludacris. Over 800 bags, towering 6 stories tall. “Tweet to vend”

The Centrifury

Electric human centrifuge game, battle your opponent to see who can handle the most G-force. Tops over 5G! Constructed for “Red Bull Creation” national engineering competition 2012. How to play: Both players press and hold their button. GL.

American Dream

It is the ultimate in luxury! Slide into a comfortable hammock, and cruise around at up to 4.5 mph. Constructed for Red Bull Creation qualifier 2011. Warning: drivers are guaranteed to have pictures taken by envious onlookers.

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Ryan Bailey wrote 06/14/2016 at 15:26 point

Thanks for the skull and the follow! #Tiny Wireless Capsule Camera

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frankstripod wrote 07/08/2015 at 07:17 point

Thank you for following!

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