kevin mlynarczyk

love all hardware and software. i love making it work in new and intresting ways

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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This user joined on 01/21/2015.

Things I've Built

Twitter Activated Candy Dispenser powered by electric imp

I gutted a motion sensor candy machine. I added An electric Imp micro controller and with some very simple code had it read a twitter stream for a specific hash tag. When anyone tweeted the specfic hash tag the candy machine would release candy.

Human speed reader with custom seven seg display

used a low speed doppler radar and a custom built seven seg display for a marketing project

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kevin mlynarczyk wrote 01/29/2015 at 14:32 point

I ordered a kinect 2.0 sensor, a leap motion, and an eyetribe eye tracker. I'm about to dive in deep into gesture controls!

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