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micfuc wrote 10/05/2023 at 17:28 point

Hi Nicholas,  compliments for your project ... I was looking for a LoRa Messanger application to add to our HW/SW platform we are developing here in southern Italy for doing experimentation with LoRa technology... the project we are doing is called SARIMESH ( that is Sorrento Amateur Radio Internode MESH network ) and is based on the AREDN SW for the internode part while LoRa is the access part for mobile devices... you can find details in our web and   ..  for the LoRa part we have developed several PCB for assembling various HW modules to test new ideas... at present we are mostly  using second generation LoRa modules and our SW base can run either on our PCBs or the standard TTGO T-Beam like devices...  so it works  with both first and second generation LoRa modules...   I found your project very suitable for integration on our SW platform and very well documented... so I would like to express you my appreciations for your work... all your SW will bring obviously all  your notices ... I have just added few changes in order to integrate your code in our platform... the actual HW/SW for sarimesh projects is available on  github at a release 4 and will be updated to rel. 5.x as soon as it will be sufficiently stable..   Thanks for  making your project available to others...   Michele I8FUC 

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