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    12/12/2016 at 22:03 0 comments

    An earthquake has just hit your region, and your radio says a tsunami is on the way...

    What do you do? Where do you go? Let PRS help you locate and guide you to safety.

    After the recent earthquakes we, being social-minded, are in the process of creating a webapp that will use GPS to identify not only your location but also the location of nearby civil defence centres.

    It will also identify the services provided by that centre such as accomodation, food or medical assistance.

    The app will guide you to a centre suited to your needs.

    During the recent events in Kaikoura and even during the Christchurch quake, one of the last services to falter was internet access.

    This means that our creation should have no issues in terms of reliability.

    Through our research and input from local emergency management sectors, we came to know that during the Christchurch event there were only 5 main Government-identified emergency centres, and that local communities came together and formed non-government safe centres.

    We will be incorporating an additional access method so that in an emergency, as neighbourhood centres form they can add themselves to our system.