Husband, EE Student, maker, mechanic, pit bull lover

Leicester MA
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Things I've Built

Fan Tester (In Progess)

This is a unit I'm working on that will allow PC reviewers to test PC fans. It will test both 3-wire and 4-wire (PWM) fans, displaying start voltage (or PWM), max RPM, and allow manual RPM setting for noise readings. (In Progress)

Modem reset system.

I designed this because my DSL modem randomly cuts out. Rather than run up and down flights of stairs to manually reset it this does it for me. It monitors the Internet LED with a light sensor and will turn the modem off for 30 sec then back on.

Temp Logger (In Progress)

This will allow PC reviewers to monitor two liquid temp sensors as well as liquid flow and ambient temps. It will log to an SD card. This will be used for for testing radiator/waterblock performance and system flow rates. (In Progress)


I designed this to work the vents on my Tempest SXR case mod a few years back. It opens the vents according to internal case temp. This was also featured on HaD.

Power House

This is a benchptop PSU I designed (also featured on HaD) that has guts from a 400W ATX unit. It has 3.3V, 5V and 12V outputs as well as an adjsutable 0-30V output. It also has a built-in DMM and billet handles and LEDs for looks.

Temp station

This is a 10-channel temperature station that reads from 10k thermistors and displays the values on an LCD. I designed this for a friend for his PC case mod. It's a shield for the ChipKIT UNO32.


I created this as a Valentine's day gift for my wife. It was featured here on HaD. It's an edge-lit acrylic display that has user-selectable features. You can select an auto color cycle mode or a manual color select mode set to any color.

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