• Computer Vision/Machine Learning/ROS/Robotics

    10/18/2020 at 16:01 0 comments

    I am a computer vision and machine learning expert with full experiences in tensorflow, darknet, keras, pytorch, opencv and openvino, android, iOS, C#, C++, flask web app, etc.

    These are my main projects that I did before.

    - Robot Simulation and ROS

    - Face Detection and Recognition
    - Vehicle License Plate Recognition
    - Object Detection and Tracking, Counting
    - Image Classification
    - Image Segmentation
    - Face Recognition Web Server
    - Android Parking System
    - Several flask web app
    - iOS Face Morphing app
    - Age, Gender Recognition, Emotion Detection, Pose Estimation
    - Captcha Recognition, Card Recognition, MRZ Recognition
    - Vehicle Classification, Vehicle Speed Detection
    - Tesseract OCR, OMR
    - Tensorflow, Darknet, Caffe

    I can always make perfect result for your task and will be very honest for our work.
    Thank you
    Best Regard