Dan (a8ksh4)

Linux hacker and builder of cyberdecks.

Cameron Park, CA
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This user joined on 04/09/2014.

Things I've Built

Rp2040 Numpad

This was an experiment with circuitpython making an hid keyboard/mouse and writing stuff to the display. The successor is the "Micro Note" below with the two rows of 5 buttons.

Tablet Base Station

Not much to say about this except it held a crkbd, had a usb battery strapped to the back, and I could plug in a tablet.

First try at a pi laptop

This one's lost in the valley of abandoned builds. Mostly because the hinge didn't have enough friction.

Micro Note This is an active project. I'm working to create a pocket computer using only an rp2040 board, direct wired keys, that has an interactive repl and some basic functions like taking notes.

HAM Deck This was my first project resembling a cyberdeck. It was intended to be a battery pi computer with an ft-857 radio for aprs, ax25, etc packet radio stuff.

FK Handheld This was an experiment, looking into integrating a keyboard into a handheld.


This one is stuck in limbo until I get back to it and figure out how to make the power supply work. It's built around a 7" touchscreen, an m3 compute stick, a "paintbrush" chording keyboard, and a li-ion battery pack.

"Little Goose" Datatex This was made for the cyberdeck cafe datadex competition. It has a chording keyboard , a 4" touchscreen, a pi zero 2w, and uses a gutted 10ah usb battery psu.

Paper Pi Handheld

Chonky Palmtop

Fiberglass Camper Shell

Extended, aero-dynamic, camper shell. It was good for approx 15% fuel economy improvement on the highway, weighed about 75lbs, and gave me room to stretch out in the back of the truck. It's been decommissioned, but I want to make a better one.

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