• More Android Updates & Face Unlock Make Google’s Pixel 6 Exciting

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    Security is among the primary reason why the device churn culture is gaining popularity. You do not want to use a device that you cannot update the security attributes, especially if you regularly use the internet. Weak security attributes expose you to different kinds of problems, including hacking and loss of data.

    Problems Associated With Device Churn

    The main negative impact of throwing perfectly working handsets is that it has a negative effect on the environment. The device you throw away most likely has some elements of plastic and other materials that cannot be recycled. Big companies such as Google have been trying to improve their environmental credentials, and as a result, they would prefer to reduce the number of gadgets being thrown away because of a lack of software support.

     Another big problem with device churn is that it means you will have to spend more. You need to purchase a new device that can support the most recent updates, and this means that you use more money. This can be frustrating, especially to people who use their devices for work or even for ordinary people who require updated updates on their devices.

    Solutions to Device Churn Problem

    Several big tech companies such as Apple and Google have taken the initiative to tackle the device shorn problem. One of the most effective solutions is prolonging the period in which devices can receive applications updates. Apple currently has the longest software support period where its devices can receive updates for seven years. Google has countered this by increasing the app support period from three years to five years on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. This means you will be able to receive updates on your Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro for five years. The importance of this is that you are guaranteed of getting any modern application introduced by the company.

    The introduction of five years app update period on Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro has increased pressure on the modern phone making companies. Companies such as Samsung are also expected to increase their app updates periods to keep up with the competition. This development especially hits Samsung because despite its devices having some of the most advanced features, they have one of the shortest software application periods. 

    The Technology Used On Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

    Google is rumored to have used an in-house system-on-chip known as ‘Whitechapel.’ The technology and the advanced OS allow a simpler update process. This new technology does not involve OEMs such as Qualcomm, as most current devices from the company require. The improvements put Google at par with Apple, which has the longest support policy. As a result, the Android landscape is expected to change drastically.

    There is a small controversy on the time that the five years should start counting. Some people claim that the five years include the launch year, while others claim that the launch year is excluded. But Samsung and Google products include the launch years on their products, and as a result, this is expected to be the case. But irrespective of whether the launch year is included or not, the improvement to five years of support is a major milestone.

    Google’s 3D Face Unlock Technology Coming Back

    It is also highly expected that Google’s 3D face unlock technology will be coming back. This technology was terminated with the Pixel 5. The company opted to use the rear-facing fingerprint scanner technology, which seemed more applicable. One of the reasons the company gave for abandoning Google’s 3D face unlock technology is that almost everyone was wearing facemasks. But some details show that the company found the Soli chip, which was being used in the face unlock technology, to be too expensive. The chip might also have become too big for the cheaper, shrunken flagship.

    The Soli technology is still being used on the Google Nest Hub 2, and this suggests that the company is still keen to use it. Expectations are that...

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