• Help with logisim

    12/04/2020 at 03:06 8 comments

    help with logisim

    i need it.  While messing around i designed a simple memory unit.  It's bassed on an or gate with feed back.  This is so simple , but it doesnt work.  place an and gate which feeds an or gate.  put two user controlled inputs.  One to the and gate one to the or.  the out put of the or gate feeds back to the and gate.  the two user controled inputs are named latch (the or input) and /zero (the and input)  The system should work like this...

    /zero  latch output

       1          1         1      and it latches in so when you change to

       1          0        1     stays as the out put.  so far so good, what should happen

       0         0       0    when you lower the /zero input to 0 is the output should drop to 0, right?  well logisim instead goes into this state

       0          0       Error     huh? whats going on here?  that's my question...

                                       Help!  I'm confused and lost for what's happening.

    Please, give me a hint what's going on.  Two simple logic gates....  I'll upload the .circ file if you need to see it...