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    Here I will list all of my public projects regardless of their current state of development. The following items will be organized into categories for those that are developed, under development, frozen in development, and abandoned. 

    This page is still a work in progress. I just decided to create it, so give me a little bit to actually get it completed with up to date, and current, information. I'm a busy person, and this isn't my top priority, so please forgive me if it takes a bit to manage finishing this page.

    Developed Projects

    • SanctuaryRPG Website -- www.sanctuaryrpg.com
      • Website for the indie game: SanctuaryRPG.
      • The game is available on Steam, and features an ASCII art style and aesthetic.
      • The website is a very basic page developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
        • The animations and dialog boxes were made using jQuery.
        • All of the buttons originally took the user to another page that was a part of the same website. The buttons taking users to external pages was added in by the game's developers at a later date.
          • Originally, the download button triggered another animated dialog box to drop down containing direct links to the various releases of the game. And, of course a link to the the Steam Store Page.
          • The Forums, Blogs, and Media buttons also took the user to an internal web page for each corresponding feature.
            • The Forums were a simple PHP/MySQL forum system integrated into the site's design.
            • The Blog was also accomplished with some PHP/MySQL and adhered to the site's design.
            • And the Media page was a simple gallery, designed with JavaScript for aesthetics, of the game's artwork, screenshots, and trailers.
      • The UI of the site was designed to evoke some nostalgia of the old ASCII style artwork that the game also implements. Also, the choice to use JavaScript to animate certain elements, and more, was to create a more modern UX that was sleek, fluid, and simple and didn't detract from the more retro aesthetic chosen overall.

    Projects Under Development

    Frozen Development

    Abandoned Projects

    If a project is considered abandoned then anyone can feel free to fork it for their own projects, continue to develop it into a finished project, or do whatever they want with the source. Abandoned projects can be considered completely unlicensed and fully open for any use. If you would like to take an abandoned project and develop it, but have your continuation of the project considered the official then contact me, and I'd be glad to do whatever necessary to establish the new project as the officially developed version.