• Why you should Build a native app with React JS

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    What native apps are? What benefits it can bring to any business? 

    React JS is a popular open-source JavaScript library (developed and maintained by Facebook) used to design user interfaces especially for mobile apps. And React Native is a framework that provides an environment to build mobile apps with React JS. The apps which are built in a native environment with react JS are called React Native apps. With the popularity of these react native apps in users have made most of the

     ReactJS Development company to build more native apps. For your consideration why you should hire a react JS developer for native apps, I have listed out some of its features and benefits it proposes followed by some of the examples of native apps.


    -Used to develop android, iOS as well as Universal Windows Platform(a platform developed by Windows) apps which is the biggest advantage of React Native -It does not take help from virtual DOM to operate the real DOM -React Native runs safely in the background of end devices  -Instead of using HTML, react native uses JavaScript thread messages to operate native views -It allows you to use native components like inbuilt camera, gestures, location, and push notifications. Advantages -Allows you to add React Native UI to an old existing app without even rewritten it -With knowledge of JavaScript, It gets easy to learn to react native, helping you develop apps more easily and efficiently -It provides agile development to apps with high speed and great responsiveness to provide a greater user experience -You do not have to invest time and money in developing separate apps for iOS and android, react native apps can work on both the devices very well -It calls for APIs through a certain code with the help of native module and components -It has got all the benefits which React JS can serve in addition to its own benefits Examples of React Native apps

    Facebook React Native is built by Facebook itself and this came into existence when Facebook decided to implement the best of technologies of web development to provide great-great user experience to its users. It wanted a single team to develop the whole project.  Initially, Facebook had developed an app supported by iOS only. later on, with the popularity, the same team of developers built the react native app for android as well. And the benefits it brought were speed, performance much better user interface experience. Data processing time got reduced Instagram Slow data processing and some of the other performance issues made Instagram adopt this technology. They implemented it by sharing a certain percentage of code between both the android and iOS apps. It integrated its native app with react native apps to provide push notification features and other user experience-enhancing features to its users. And it dint build navigation infrastructure which was only possible because its User Interface was simple. Walmart Walmart has always been aiming to be the world’s top online retailer. And in order to accomplish that the developers had to take risky steps. Walmart has always been up for trying new technologies to provide the best of user experience to its customers After having developed a Node.js app, Walmart took a step ahead by moving to the React Native app. This made Walmart increase its performance for both the apps (android and iOS) in a very short time period. This happened by Walmart developers sharing around 96% of the code data between the android and iOS apps. And this integration resulted in a great performance of the app with engaging user experience and smooth animations SoundCloud

    This app helps its users to maintain their accounts and being socially active. They adopted react native apps when the app started facing performance issues on different OS or platforms. Then a special team of developers worked on building a react native app for SoundCloud. And this experiment resulted in all positive...

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