• Urban Renewal Systems & Green Torus Mobius Protocol​

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    We never had many friends travelling round the country.

    New people are always looked down upon, so much so that my Family has a pink card from Maharashtra.

    Some of my life experiences were gas fed to me by my father, be it biogas system and enrichment of land strata just by caring for the lifeforms that give us everything that we are. 

    This is a concept bio-gas based ecosystem from Site: 31, Bawapuram Village, G. Singavaram Tehsil, Tungabhadra Basin, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. Refer: https://indiawris.gov.in/downloads/Krishna%20Basin.pdf 

    They used to have some photographs online but I think they removed it now.

    Now, come to think of the animalistic roots that we have and the traits we align ourselves to. some say i am a Lion or a Tiger or a Snake or a Pig, according to Chinese Zodiac too (per say), so what if you align yourself towards the mother cow, and change the system which already exists in your city ?

    This can be New Delhi (IGL), Pasadena, CA or Arlington, Texas or Montreal or Vancouver.

    This is for the farmers and their associations all over the world, who have intended and continue to change the world with "Daylight Savings Time", each day of everyday.

    Change your home, Change yourself, It is about time to move from Demand Based Life Cycles to Contribution based Lifesciences, maybe then, maybe only then we make our planet sustainable to think about Zero Energy travel through the Galaxy rather than reusable spaceships and solar charged autopilots.

    How does this help the air around you ? 

    I cared for eye care so I can see the International Space Station up above in the sky beyond the sun.

    Yellow ISS Mellow.

    Stanford Cryptography Class, Coursera.org,

    EdX.org for Cyber Security, Data Science, Network DefSec & OffSec

    Muah! Izumi-Chan to Nu-Chan (Anu George Kurien Varughese, West Lafayette, Purdue, Indiana)

    Maybe, Some day you can grow a snail in your backyard and leave it to the wilderness too.

    This is a Tribute to my Father, Late. Er. Velaga Murali Krishna, my green ant, who built what I see as my planet earth. The army might have forgotten you, your friends might not know me, but they don't need to either.

    He is my Antoni Gaudi and I keep his Slant column in my wardrobe made by my green ants.

    One cannot Terraform a planet without green ants. They are not Termites eating your furniture, They only do that when you don't deserve the wood.

    They hold the roof above me, they don't eat away through my furniture, they just exist, when the world denies their existence altogether in the history of mankind, just like my family.

    I cared for my parents for I can see my future self every day.

    What you are, is consciousness "Just for Today" for a better tomorrow.

    After the unbearably sad demise of my father, I went to 24X7 Malaviya Nagar and spiked one bottle of honey with Nescafe Gold coffee from South Korea. Now it will sit peacefully in my Kitchen Store for thousands of years to come.

    - Mukhesh Chowdary Velaga

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    Monnish Siripurapu @ ant.studio tried to copy this and spoke at TEDx for UNEP Fund after drinking the Shit out of my Fathers' Honey and My Mothers' dal rice. Just because of the Elevation difference, doesn't mean you put a literal dick in my mother's mouth in Central Water Commission, Sewa Bhawan, New Delhi.

    I shared the same honey to a few Others at different elevations too, but they only love me like they always did, except you and Amar colony Taneja, nobody took my blood and smoked it all up via https://www.portea.com/

    What about zero energy air-conditioning then ???

    Well, earth and steel mixed with charged water, accumulate rust over time (with or without the charge).

    Ever put your hand inside a Deep Clean IFB washing machine ? It energizes water just a little, now put that out in the open, it dissimilates the water...

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  • My Bodhi Sphere is Lost, Did anybody See IT?

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    As, Akira Kurosawa ponders upon the reality of truth and reality of personas and the importance of each of their own truths upon the world, the same applies to each and every truth and the person guilty as charged and the chargee. There are no leaks here, only discharged and overpowered batteries, just so that some gates knock & rain credit cards while some install plate earthing to ground the charge and save their radio frequency ID cards with their brain wave patterns when the world demands CT scans and MRI imaging. The better amperage your chargers have should apply to your homes too unlike, sequoia capital india, which has 2Mbps ADSL and wants to control the Wimax 802.11.5a/b/g/n airwaves and recognize UHP brainwave patterns while it already sulked to lose a fuel injection vs. ceat monster grip race and brought the Chris PfeiFFer BMW, to fight its war on the Streets of Gulaal Jaipur Pink City.



  • Some Lifelong Friendships.

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    Some people want you to be beside you all the time.

    Some people Just Exist in the Galaxy and communicate quantumly, without any Medium.

    Their memories are to be cherished in your lifetime.

    Here are some Friends of mine, with no Benefits or Deposits.


    John Olroy - University of Salford, United Kingdom. johnolroy@gmail.com

    Damini Mathur.

    Venkatesh Shahawalia Suryavanshi. https://www.shahwaliaassociates.com/

    Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, HCL Campus, Sector 162-165, NOIDA, UP. https://www.knma.in/


    Reema Trehan. https://www.reematrehan.com/

    Nagaland House. http://comicconindia.com/

    The Kakashi Sensei X2. http://comicconindia.com/

    Aakanksha Gaur. aakanksha.g@nid.edu

    Yadu Rajiv. marketing@srishti.ac.in

    Prof. Alok Ranjan. alokranjan44@rediffmail.com

    The Light Spot

    Govinda Boss. Royal Ministries of Bhutan

    Bottle Design by Zaha Hadid. https://www.zaha-hadid.com/ 



    ONGC Limited. Hiranandani Kharghar