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Things I've Built

The Makerspace Workbench

I wrote this book in an attempt to cover as much about making as possible. It encompasses everything from basic tool use to 3D printing...

Vexmas Shield

The VEX Microcontroller Arduino Shield, or VEXMAS, allows for complete interfacing of VEX(tm) hardware with the Arduino platform.

Thingiverse Database

I have created a database of >50 of my projects. Enjoy their freedom!

Glow Plug 3D Extruder

My solution for a robust extruder that requires only requires a handful of tools, one online parts order, and a trip to the auto-parts store.

Universal Playstation Project Controller

Using SMDuino to convert a Playstation controller into a wireless 20 channel universal controller.


SMDuino provides a much needed surface mount solution for Arduino based projects. By eliminating the need to integrate the common support components for Arduino's ATMEGA, engineers and hobbyists alike can ac

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[this comment has been deleted]

atomkemp wrote 08/07/2014 at 02:02 point
cool! i have used them in a bunch of stuff and most recently my quadrotor. just make sure your board house supports the castellated sides.

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