• 68030 prototype

    12/09/2021 at 19:29 0 comments

    This is the 68030 board I'm working on. It has been a long time wish to make something with either 68020/68851/68881 or 68030/68882 combo. 

    At the end I started to wire a 68030 with the following:

    1. MC68030 
    2. MC68882
    3. 512Kb EEPROM AT29C040A on 8 bit bus
    4. 4x 512Kb SRAM on 32 bit bus
    5. MC68901P

    The initial design would use 2 AT750C and AT2500C CPLDs. However I fell in love with the FPGA's so I made a daughter board which has a EMP7160STC100 on it.

    The board fully populated:

    Note the FPGA daughter board and my own version of the TMS203 Probe Adaptor for the Tektronix TLA715 with TLA7P4. The TLA is connected via the Mictor plugs which are connected to the P6434 probes. I also added a Mictor to the FPGA daughter board

    Closeup on the TMS203 Probe:

    Close up on the daughter board: