• Unique Ways to Experience Entertainment in Malaysia

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    There are many reasons why Malaysia should top the list of places you want to visit. This beautiful country has so much to offer and has a unique set of culture that set it apart from the rest of SE Asia. So if you like interacting with new culture, food, trekking, viewing beautiful sceneries, or anything else, then Malaysia is a great destination for you. Here are the best activities that will spark the exhilarating feeling in you adding that 'extra' in your ordinary visits before.  

    Skydiving In Langkawi

    Malaysia offers one of the best skydiving sites in southeast Asia that will definitely fulfill your adrenaline craving. The activity involves being flown from Langkawi Airport to the beautiful offshore island which is a rare and incredible sight. Once you jump, you'll have a view of the Andaman sea. The landing spot is Tanjung Rhu's beach which is not only safe but less crowded. Once you touch down, you can spend a few hours at the beach too.  

    Explore Marine Life At Sipadan Island

    Add to your marine adventure story by having a trip to the Sipadan island. The site offers one of the world's prominent diving sites with extremely crystal clear water rich in marine life. The easiest way to access Sipadan island is by a plane usually boarded at Kuala Lumpur Airport. You'll then take a cab which will take you to Semporna and hop on a boat which will take you to the island. If you want to minimize the transport cost, you can book 4 days and 3 nights stay with the Seaventures Dive Rig at Sipadan who will give you a go-ahead ticket for diving where you will be taken by boat throughout the stay period.

    Explore Clearwater Cave

    Once you visit the Clearwater caves, you will not fail to think you are in the wonder-world of fantasy. This cave is one of the longest in Asia and its stunning rock shapes and colors make it look like an adventurous scene in a movie. If you like expeditions, the cave will definitely give you a fun trekking experience. Exploring the whole of Sarawakian caves will not only leave you with stories to tell, but also pictures that will give you the right to brag around.  

    Explore Cultural Diversity

    Different Asian ethnic groups have settled in Malaysia for over hundreds of years, forming a special and peaceful blend of distinct cultures. The increased globalization has seen imports from all over the world which continues to diversify Malaysia. Each culture is bold and is expressed harmoniously creating a beautiful atmosphere that almost feels tangible. This offers people from around the world to interact with different ethnic cultures without fear as people here are friendly too, and very happy to teach their culture to anyone.

    Rain-Forest Trekking

    Malaysia is determined to conserve its natural resources which make her home for one of the oldest jungles believed to be even older than the Amazon. The island of Borneo, which covers some part of Sabah and Sarawak is a cherished natural wonder of Malaysia. The jungle contains some of the oldest tree species and few animals to add to the experience. This area offers the best trekking site for those who crave to explore almost anything.  

    Sunset Watching From The Peak Of Boga Hills

    Catching a beautiful sunset serenity still remains a dream for many people. While most people seek such beautiful moments from rooftops of tall buildings, Broga hills offer a unique site that sets lush greenery and yellow lights during the sunset. Broga Hill is located just 40 Km from Kuala Lumpur and the trekking trail up the peak is relatively easy which even newbies navigate with ease. If you've planned yourself well, it would only take one or one and a half hours to complete the tour.  

    Visit The Oil Rig

    If you are bored with all the noise and tense atmosphere that comes with city life, then you've got an opportunity to have a marine adventure in Borneo. You can book a space in the only oil rig hotel in...

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