• MaTouch_ESP32-S3 4 inch Display Demo Kit/ Photo Frame/ TVOC Monitor/ Infrared Temperature/ Globe Weather Forecasting

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      To make it easier for more non-electronic engineers/ programmers to step into the open hardware world, Makerfabs made this ready-to-use ESP32 display kit. It is based on ESP32S3 4 inch display and a few Mabee modules, with the pre-programmed software, users can enjoy the convenience and DIY pleasure in advance, without any programming, and thus to learn more about open hardware.

      1. Electronic photo album: With the onboard speaker, the ESP32 4 inch display could be a good photo album with music, put your family photos on the SD card with some music, to enjoy a good night;
      2. Global Weather forecasting: With WiFi connected, it checks the NTC& Weather status of main city in the world, for your reference before going out;
      3. TVOC Monitor: It checks the air quality in time, including the temperature/humidity/ TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) and CO2eq output, you can also monitor it remotely via WiFi;
      4. Thermal Camera: Based on MLC90640, 32x24 array thermal sensor, it detects the temperature of objects from feet away with the accuracy of ±1.5℃, a good tool for applications such as human body temperature checking/ electronic hot points debugging. 

      Besides, we prepared a 3D printing frame for this product, so the display can be installed and placed on the desk easily. All the files are open for further modification/updates, customers can get the source code in GitHub for learning to program with ESP32 and free to modify/update it.


    • To make the 4 inch display connects to your wifi, you will need to modify the wifi.txt in the SD card, to input your SSID and PWD there
    • You can free to input your images(.jpg), and MP3 files(WAV not supported yet, will update soon); Do not delete the flag and weather fold, which stores some pictures that the firmware used.
    • For the globe weather forecasting, we only made it 8 countries, customers can freely to modify the code for more countries/areas.
    • https://bit.ly/43b9blL

  • Audio engeniring

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    this is a space to introduce some electronics basics about audio technics