Andrew Zaborowski

Free software programmer, tinkerer, openstreetmapper.

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This user joined on 02/04/2015.

Things I've Built

NRF24L01+ wireless-flashing for Arduino

An extended optiboot Arduino bootloader that supports remote sketch uploading using the $0.50 nRF24L01+ modules. With all features enabled optiboot is still smaller than Arduino's stock bootloader which it replaces.

Flight controller from scratch

Functioning drone flight-controller / autopilot for the Arduino or cortex-m3 LPC1343.

Drone ESC firmware mod to report RPM, temperature, etc.

Drones with the ESC firmware (Simon K.'s), modified to communicate I2C, report RPM, Voltage, Temperature and related modifications to the Flight Controller, minimosd.

Persistence of Vision with WS2811 on a bike wheel

Arduino-driven LED strips on an every-day use bike wheel displaying simple animations, text. Created a library that drives 4 strips of WS2811 simultaneously on a 16MHz Arduino.

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