Bill Fleming

Into CNC router, CNC milling and CNC lathe. Love to build a robot arm

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
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Things I've Built

Made a cubicle for the Sieg KX3 to contain fluids and swarf. When job is finished, close the doos and start the pump. Everything goes down the drain into the container below. All tools and cutters remain in this cubicle.

I have restored and modified a small Rhino CNC lathe. Have added a rotary tool changer (Sherline motorised table, two drill chucks and a air operated chuck) this is an ongoing project. It is running and controlable.

A 2400mm x 1200mm CNC with water cooled router. This is a current project and is about 90% complete. It uses heavy notched belt drives, Nema 34 steppers. I have made it vertical so the swarf falls away.

CNC Router. This is a 3rd attempt and is one I use regularly. Near vertical so that the swarf falls away. 30mm solid bar is the X frame and 4 linear bearings run on this. Y axis similar. Very low component count. Mostly steel. Good performer.

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