• Dual Use of Technology

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    Reprinted from Stack:

    Is Hackaday an appropriate place to out evil hacks so that people will be on guard against them and thus safer? 

    I can't see going straight to the public police with something highly technical.

    [Dual use means having a destructive use as well as a constructive use, like nuclear energy.]


    I don't think it's ideal, it would be better to speak to security experts first so some kind of mitigation can be created before the hack is made public.

    If you are the first to discover a poison, at least look for the antidote before you release it to the wild.

    If no mitigation can be found, at that point putting the word out in a security network or even going public is appropriate. It's better to know the threat than be in the dark.

    trigger182 wrote 4 days ago:
    What is your goal?  To raise awareness? Drop it at at a EDU forum if you want to stay anonymous. Shoot an email to a secops company

    It is usually also prudent to contact the manufacture of the hardware or software the has a potential vulnerability first. If you get no response or feel the response is lacking the priority needed you can then start contacting the authorities. 

    Here is a good place to start:


  • Better Project Pix

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    1) Another view of Sensor Gun:

    The handle is made from an acrylic artist's palette.

    2) My second white noise machine:

    The board on the left is for signals and the board on the right is for power. 

    3) Chord keyset