Sagar Sapkota

I am an Electronics Engineer. I like to design Arduino kits and basic Electronics DIY kits. My store:

Sydney, Australia
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Things I've Built

Amarino DIY LED lamp for Android-Arduino experiments

Amarino Lamp is a versatile programmable LED lamp based on Arduino. The lamp has an inbuilt Arduino as its controller. PWM signals from Arduino are fed into UNL2003A and this chip controls the LED lamp.

Amarino Evaluation Shield

Amarino evaluation shield is a kit for Android- Arduino and Bluetooth experiments. The kit has been designed particularly for Amarino toolkit. The shield can be used for several experiments, such as, RGB LED control, display sensor graph, etc.

Amarino Shield 3.0- A kit for Android-Arduino Communication via Bluetooth

If you are interested in controlling your Arduino with Android phone or Arduino Serial Terminal via Bluetooth communication medium and if you are an Amarino enthusiast, then, here’s a simple shield for you.

4 in 1 DIY Kit

This is a simple 4-in-1 do-it-yourself (DIY) kit. The kit has four different circuits that can be switched on separately or together at a time using a DIP switch.

FM Transmitter DIY learning kit

You can use this simple DIY kit to transmit your voice or audio to your nearest FM radio.

3 Digit Digital Object Counter DIY kit

It is 3 digit digital object counter do-it-yourself (DIY) kit designed for hobbysists. You can use this 3 digit digital object counter for counting objects or people entering in a room.

Cosmarino- Arduino Android communication via Bluetooth

The Cosmarino kit can be controlled with several Android applications made for controlling Arduino or communicating with Arduino via Bluetooth.

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