Cameron Blocker

I'm an imaging scientist professionally and embedded systems hobbyist. I love working on projects where they overlap.

Ann Arbor, Michigan
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This user joined on 11/11/2014.

Things I've Built

Light-up Wii Controllers

This was my first project where I learned to solder. I was in middle school and wanted my Wii controllers to glow like the Wii did.

Electric Long Board

A project from my senior year of high school. A friend gave me an old scooter motor and I was trying to put it to good use.

N64 in a Briefcase

Another project I did while in high school. I converted an N64 to run on lithium-ion batteries and integrated a screen from a portable DVD player. It was fun for playing on long bus trips with friends.

Gameboy Advance in a Ti-83 Calculator

This was a project I did when I was a freshman in high school in 2008. Basically I rewired the internals of a Gameboy Advance SP into the case of an old Ti-83 calculator. I almost beat all of Pokemon Emerald while I was taking Algebra II.

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