computer enthusiast, hacker, programmer and dreamer. Where only bits are the limit.

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Things I've Built

TL-WR703N Unbricking

When I was in china with friends I needed to unbrick an TL-WR703N, put openWrt on it, by installing an Serial coms. ideas of upgrading the RAM and eprom where made and still waiting for the parts to arrive. Did manage to alter the leds

Rusian tube clock

One of my very first electronic succesfull builds that include a casing (how many of your projects have one?) its a nice tube clock controlled by a slightly modified circuit from ebay (i altered some modes in software and moved buttons)

Xbox alpha pc

Build from normal pc parts an working Xbox (1, classic, the old black one) has been build by me. Im not the only one doing it, but not so much is know. Specific hardware, a recovery disk and you get yourself a preretail (no retail games) xbox.

SingleBoard Computer N8VEM

Not my own design, but my very first "big" soldering job. Plans and tried making it into a "fully" working MSX computer. Some test cards are there and ofcourse CP/M works on the stock SBC card. maybe ill be able to get a v9958 to work with this

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