The Tell Time Contest challenges you to build an amazing time telling device! We've seen all kinds of clocks from binary to braille, to all manner of Nixie tubes. We want you to build a unique and awesome looking time telling device. 

The Tell Time Contest begins December 10th at 9am PST, and ends January 24th at 9am PST.

Ideally, a clock has a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, it is something we want to look at but also to give us important information. Clocks don't have to tell the time on Earth either, they can be counting down, or telling us the time on Mars. 

To be considered for eligibility into this contest, your clock must tell time in some way and have a unit of time measurement. Here on Earth that's hours and seconds, on some other planet it might be quarks and bleeps. There must be a display of some kind to show what the time is. Your clock can be powered in any way you choose: electricity, chemical reaction, mechanical gears are all eligible.

Good luck!

Judging Criteria:
Craftsmanship: Is it constructed well? 
Function: Can you intuitively tell the time from the display? 
Creativity: Is it unique? 

3 winners of $100 prizes. You must have a Paypal account to receive your award in cash. If you do not, you will receive a $100 code for a Tindie gift certificate.

How to enter:
Show off pictures of your clock by documenting it as a new project on Once you have published your project, look in the left sidebar for the "Submit project to..." menu in order to enter it in the Tell Time Contest.

Contest: Rules:
All entries will be judged by Hackaday staff.
Hackaday Staff, Employees of Supplyframe, Judges or the family of any of the preceding are not eligible to be a winner in this contest. Everyone is still encouraged to build awesome stuff and show it off.
Existing projects, or projects that were entered in previous Hackaday contests but did not win a prize are eligible for submission as entries in this challenge. Existing projects that won a prize in previous contests are not eligible.