2021 Hackaday Prize Rules Update

A contest log for Supplyframe DesignLab: 2021 Hackaday Prize

A global hardware design challenge focused on widespread and impactful innovation.

lutetiumLutetium 06/28/2021 at 14:320 Comments

We have updated the official rules for entries:

We have made a change to the entry requirements in the 2021 Hackaday Prize Official Rules to help ensure that more of your excellent projects will be judged during each entry round of the contest.

We found that some entries had published copious information about their projects, but did so in the details section of the page and hadn't published the minimum number of project logs needed to be included in the judging. The purpose of that requirement is to ensure in-depth information was included, but "How thoroughly documented were the design process & design decisions?" and "How complete is the project?" are already two of the judging criteria. For that reason we have removed the "7. Show at least four (4) Project Log updates on your Project Profile." requirement from all of the Challenge Rounds this year.

All finalists will still be required to publish at least 10 project logs or updates to be eligible for the big prizes. You can read through the complete contest rules by clicking the "Official Rules" button on the Prize section of the contest website.