Supplyframe DesignLab: 2022 Hackaday Prize

A global hardware design challenge focused on widespread and impactful innovation.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 07:00 am PDT - Sunday, October 9, 2022 07:00 am PDT Local time zone:
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2022 Hackaday Prize Overview

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Sustainability. Resiliency. Circularity

This year's Hackaday Prize represents a chance for the open source hardware community and the electronics industry to go beyond promises and work together to deliver tangible solutions. We are challenging our open source community of engineers, designers, scientists, and hackers to work within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals structure, to tackle our planet's most pressing issues.


Launch 3/29/2022

Challenge 1: Planet-Friendly Power 3/29/2022 - 5/1/2022

Challenge 2: Reuse, Recycle, Revamp 5/1/2022 - 6/12/2022

Challenge 3: Hack it Back 6/12/2022 - 7/24/2022

Challenge 4: Climate Resilient Communities 7/24/2022 - 9/4/2022

Challenge 5: Save the World Wildcard 9/4/2022 - 10/16/2022

Finals 10/16/2022 - 11/2/2022

Winners Announced on or around 11/12/2022


Grand Prize - $50,000 + Supplyframe DesignLab Residency

Second Place - $20,000

Third Place - $15,000

Fourth Place - $10,000

Fifth Place - $5,000

Top 10 Finalists from each challenge - $500 

The Hackaday Prize is in its 9th Year: Our History

In 2014, we launched The Hackaday Prize to our smart, talented, enthusiastic community of engineers, scientists, designers and creatives everywhere. Over 600 projects were created, and the winner, SatNOGS, now has a foundation where they are continuing the work they started here.

In 2015, we challenged the Hackaday community to use their superpowers again. The results told the story of nearly 900 Hackaday Prize entrants using their unique skills to make big changes in peoples' lives. 2015's Hackaday Prize winner, the Eyedrivomatic, directly impacted those living with limited mobility.

In 2016, we had nearly 1,100 entries, and the Hackaday Prize winner was Dtto, a search and rescue robot. It's also an open source project that continues its journey at the Supplyframe Design Lab.

In 2017, the winner of the Hackaday Prize was Alex Williams, with an underwater explorer robot. Alex continued the work on his project at the Supplyframe Design Lab.

In 2018, the winner was Dexter, a 5-axis robotically controlled arm with insane precision. Dexter is now a product and a fledgling business located in Las Vegas, NV.

In 2019, FieldKit won the grand prize, and has continued to push the boundaries of open source environmental sensing with their organization Conservify.  

In 2020, The Byte, took the grand prize home with an open-source, mouth-actuated input device for people with physical challenges. 

Last year in 2021, FlowIO Platform, took the grand prize home with an open-source, miniature, modular pneumatics toolkit for control & sensing of Soft Robots and Programmable Materials.

It is now time to start the 2022 Hackaday Prize. In keeping with the incredible hardware community, we hope to activate the next generation of innovative open source hardware solutions.

Thank you to our Sponsors: 

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Fabio wrote 07/21/2022 at 08:08 point

Hi - I tried to submit my project (An SD Card for the Sharp PC | to the "Hack it Back" contest, but after clicking the "Submit my Project" button I just get a pop-up saying "Please submit your project to The Hackaday Prize", and nothing more. What does that mean? Is there anything more to be done, to complete my submission? Deadline is 24/7.

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Fabio wrote 07/21/2022 at 08:24 point

Same result trying to submit it again as a brand new project too ( ), using the "Start your Entry" button   -   Then removed (left only original one)

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Fabio wrote 07/21/2022 at 13:40 point

Got it - you have to submit the project for "Supplyframe DesignLab: 2022 Hackaday Prize". It'll give you the "hack it back" choice by default (the last and only open contest)

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Dusan Petrovic wrote 07/21/2022 at 14:14 point

Correct. Your project has been submitted to 2022 THP. Good luck on the Prize!

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marshallab wrote 04/21/2022 at 16:01 point

Hello. Can Russians participate in this contest? (seriously) I'm asking because preparing the information will take time and I don't want to waste it. But I still want to share some of my experience.

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Dusan Petrovic wrote 05/18/2022 at 15:51 point

Hi @marshallab - Sorry, the Contest is not open to residents of Quebec, the Republic of Belarus, the Crimean region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, the Russian Federation, Sudan, Syria, or any jurisdiction where the Contest would be restricted or prohibited by law.

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