Challenge 2: Reuse, Recycle, Revamp

A contest log for Supplyframe DesignLab: 2022 Hackaday Prize

A global hardware design challenge focused on widespread and impactful innovation.

LutetiumLutetium 03/25/2022 at 16:311 Comment

Entry Period 7:01 a.m. P.D.T on May 4, 2022 - 7:00 a.m. P.D.T on June 12, 2022

Finalists Announced  on or around 6/27

Your project facilitates recycling of material that would otherwise end up in the waste stream. 

Recycling makes a whole lot of sense, but too often there are obstacles in the way of ensuring that typical materials are reused and repurposed. For this challenge, we are asking you to create new ways to recycle materials. Whether it’s harvesting valuable chips from PCBs, or extracting materials that could be used in other projects, the approach you choose is completely up to you!

This could look like: 


Uko Ebenezer wrote 04/07/2022 at 13:26 point

An interesting project!!

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